Lake Contour Maps

I wonder how deep the water is here? This is a common question for anyone who enjoys time near or on the water. The underwater landscape of lakes are mapped for a lot of reasons – for fisherman interested in structure attractive to their favorite species, for hunters looking for areas attractive to waterfowl, for water managers needing to know how much water is being stored, and for biologists looking to improve aquatic conditions for the creatures that lurk beneath the waves as well as those who seek them by boat or land. Here is a great source of information on waters where bathymetric surveys have been completed.


Interactive lake contour map

Use this interactive map to navigate across Nebraska and explore 125+ mapped bodies of water. Select a specific location to view summary data sheets, a detailed map and volume information.

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Download PDF map sheets

Select a link below to download or print a PDF lake map.

How bathymetric maps are made

Game and Parks makes topographic maps to provide fisheries managers with detailed information to be used in management and monitoring of Nebraska’s lakes. Detailed bathymetric lake maps are also produced and made available for public use. Visit the following page to learn more about how these maps are made.
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