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Explore Outdoor Nebraska

Nebraska Game and Parks supports the state's fish and wildlife and its natural places. Find your next adventure with us.

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Nebraska Parks

Whether you’re seeking the ultimate in modern conveniences in a picturesque outdoor setting or want to get back to nature amid the unspoiled beauty of the wilderness, you’ll find just that within a Nebraska state park — all 75 of them.

A man and woman sit on the ground in grassy cover while turkey hunting

Hunting in Nebraska

Nebraska offers great hunting opportunities, varied species, plenty of public land, and many willing volunteers and educators to help you learn the basics. So let’s gather with family and friends. Let’s unplug and reconnect with nature. Let’s get outside and do some hunting — Nebraska style!

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Fishing in Nebraska

Nebraska’s landscape is dotted with lakes, rivers and streams, providing plentiful and diverse fishing opportunities for experienced anglers, beginners and everyone in between. Whether you are new to angling or returning after a break, discover resources that tell you where are the best places to cast your line, what type of bait or lure you should use, and which of Nebraska’s 100 fish species you’ve caught.


Nebraska is home to 95 species of mammals, 452 species of birds, 60 reptiles and amphibians, 109 species of fish, 1,470 plant species, and more than 10,000 species of insects. We have an amazing biodiversity.


It has never been easier to buy the permits you need to hunt, fish or visit a state park in Nebraska. Learn everything you need to know about Nebraska’s permits and how to buy them.

Guides & Maps

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission publishes a variety of guides, including useful information, rules and regulations. All guides can either be viewed online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

Education Resources

We offer a diverse set of programs designed to provide you with science-based information, education, skills-building opportunities and more.

Nebraska Wildlife

Nebraska Wildlife

Birds, fish, insects, mammals, mollusks, crayfish, reptiles, amphibians, and plants in Nebraska.

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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources

We offer a diverse set of programs designed to provide science-based information and opportunities.

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Outdoor Skills

Outdoor Skills

Game and Parks' outdoor skills programs are geared toward women, youth and families.

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About us

Nebraska Game and Parks is a family of passionate, innovative professionals who work together to connect people to the natural world and support conservation in Nebraska. Learn about who we are and how we operate.


Stay up to date with Nebraska Game and Parks. Read our recent news releases on current events, research, construction projects, hunting outlooks, fish stockings and more.