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Nebraska Game

Nebraska is one of the best places in the country to hunt and explore, all because of its diverse game and gorgeous landscapes.

A buck surrounded by fallen leaves in a forest.


Nebraska’s modern deer season began in 1945, with a harvest of 275 mule deer and two whitetail deer from Nebraska National Forest near Halsey. Since then, deer hunting has become a treasured tradition enjoyed by countless hunters, who have harvested more than 2.3 million deer.

Our archery season begins in September, followed by antlerless and firearm seasons. 

A Merriam tom in a field

Wild turkey

Since their reintroduction in the Pine Ridge in 1959, the wild turkey has been wildly successful in Nebraska. Just 28 Merriam’s were released at the time, and their numbers increased quickly and steadily. Reintroductions and transplants over the following decades led turkeys to establish across the state.

A sharp-tailed grouse in snow.


Hunters have long known Nebraska is an upland bird hunter’s paradise — the mixed bag capital of the Great Plains — with diverse upland hunting opportunities, long seasons, great access to public lands, and high hunter satisfaction rates.

A drake mallard makes a large splash as he takes off in flight.


Nebraska is blessed with a variety of wetland habitats that ducks and geese use both during fall and spring migration. The variety of wetland habitats also provide for different hunting opportunities throughout the season and across the state.

With teal season beginning in September, the light goose conservation order in February and the regular duck and goose seasons in between, Nebraska offers many waterfowl hunting opportunities.

Bull elk walking through a forest.


Elk hunting in Nebraska is one of the Midwest’s hidden gems, offering hunters opportunities to harvest big, quality bulls.

Male pronghorn antelope with horns traveling across grassland.


The pronghorn is North America’s swiftest land mammal and one of the fastest in the world. Hunting them is one of Nebraska’s most challenging big game experiences.

A muskrat swimming through water.


Nebraska has a wealth of furbearing species, which provide opportunities for wildlife watching, photography, hunting and trapping. 

A eastern fox squirrel looks down from a tree.

Other small game

Nebraska offers excellent mixed bag opportunities for the small game hunter in pursuit of webless migratory birds, dove, snipe, squirrel, cottontail, and more.

A mountain lion looks at the camera trap as it takes a photo.

Mountain lions

Mountain lions have recolonized three areas in Nebraska: the Pine Ridge, Niobrara River Valley and Wildcat Hills. To provide hunting opportunities, hunting is approved in the Pine Ridge area only.

Bighorn sheep ram with full curl.

Bighorn Sheep

Limited hunting opportunities have been available since 1998 through the issuance of auction and lottery permits. Only one application per calendar year may be submitted.

Where to hunt

Find everything you need to know about hunting opportunities and access in the state of Nebraska.

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Season dates

With a broad diversity of species and seasons, hunters in Nebraska can have a busy year. Find our comprehensive list of season dates by species.

Rules, orders & regulations

Find the current orders, rules and regulations for Nebraska's fish, game and park spaces.