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Nebraska Game and Parks' conservation work is aimed at the heart of our mission: The stewardship of the state’s fish and wildlife.

A female researcher holds a wild turkey

Wildlife management

Nebraska Game and Parks runs programs, conducts research and collects data on wildlife populations and harvests, all of which helps inform wildlife management decisions across the state.

Three men standing in a creek

Fisheries management

From our five hatcheries where we grow the fish we stock in Nebraska waters to our Aquatic Habitat Program and research efforts, Nebraska Game and Parks runs several programs to help manage the state’s wild fish population.

Land management

Land management

Nebraska Game and Parks provides a variety programs and resources to help landowners, towns or cities enhance their property in support of wildlife, habitat and outdoor recreation.

Environmental review

Any project that requires a state-issued permit, uses state funds or is conducted by a state agency requires an environmental review by Nebraska Game and Parks for potential impacts on endangered and threatened species.

Conservation efforts

Maintaining the diversity and abundance of Nebraska’s plants, fish, wildlife and their habitats is achieved through a variety of conservation efforts by Nebraska Game and Parks and its partners.

Conservation challenges

From habitat loss to invasive species and disease, Nebraska faces a variety of conservation challenges that affect the state’s wildlife.

Six men release a bighorn sheep with a radio collar into the wild


Nebraska Game and Parks has a division of dedicated scientists conducting research that provides sound, scientific information. This research informs management decisions and preservation priorities and grows the understanding of our state’s flora and fauna.