Conservation Lesson Plans, PowerPoints and Videos

Depending on what topic you are teaching, we have numerous lesson plans, PowerPoints and videos available free for your use. Please feel free to download any of the resources in the menu below.

Soils and worms

Video: Building a Classroom Compost Bin (2:44 minutes)
Video: Changing the Soil in your Worm Bin (1:21 minutes)
Video: What do Worms Like to Eat? (2:05 minutes)
Video: Worm Experiment: Light or Dark? (1:29 minutes)
Video: Worm Measurement (1:38 minutes)
PowerPoint: Soils
Lesson Plan: Measuring Worms
Lesson Plan: Mud Painting
Lesson Plan: Soil ID Book
Lesson Plan: Soil Recipe
Lesson Plan: We All Need Soil
Lesson Plan: Soil Planting

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger Hunts are a great way to get your students outside and engaged in nature. They also help work on observation skills and often lead to exploration, questioning, and adventure – all good things!

Early childhood
Early elementary
Upper elementary
Middle school


Lesson Plan: Plant Press
Lesson Plan: Leafy Creations
Lesson Plan: Leaf Rubbings

Fun Activities

Lesson Plan: Sounds Scavenger Hunt
Lesson Plan: Cloud Gazing
Lesson Plan: Nature Journal

Preschool/ Pre-K Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan: Worms
Lesson Plan: Snow
Lesson Plan: Birds
Lesson Plan: Rabbits
Lesson Plan: Squirrels