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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is very grateful for those who have contributed to our programs and facilities through donations, partnerships, volunteers and the support of our state parks and wildlife conservation programs.

Program support

Donors may choose to give directly to several agency programs. These programs include:

Hunters Helping the Hungry

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission accepts donations to fund processing of donated deer for the Hunters Helping the Hungry program, which provides ground venison to Nebraska families in need.
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Wildlife Conservation Fund

The Wildlife Conservation Fund supports conservation of at-risk, threatened and endangered species in Nebraska.
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Conservation License Plates

Nebraska Game and Parks in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles offers several Nebraska conservation license plates that help fund outdoor education, wildlife conservation funding and trail maintenance funds. Mountain lion conservation plates, introduced in 2016, benefit the Game and Parks education fund. The fund receives a portion of the plate’s fees to provide youth education programs relating to wildlife conservation practices. Since January of 2021, Game and Parks has benefitted from the sale of four new specialty license plates available at the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, including three new wildlife plates and one trail-themed plate.

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Dick Turpin Outdoor Education Memorial Fund

The Dick Turpin Outdoor Education Fund supports hunter education and outdoor education programs across Nebraska, with the goal of inspiring a love for the great outdoors and time honored traditions. Contributions continue Turpin’s legacy by supporting a variety of activities, from hunter education and mentored youth hunts, to opportunities and equipment for low income families, to school programs and scholarships for Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshops.

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Giving Back to Nebraska

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission gratefully accepts monetary gifts and property contributions. In fact, facilities at many state parks and state recreation areas across the state have been made possible through donations. These facilities, which include cabins, fishing piers, swimming pools and more, become lasting tributes to their generous donors.

For more information on making a gift to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, email Roger Kuhn or call him at 402-471-5512.

Following are some ways those who enjoy spending time outdoors in Nebraska have given back:

Financial contributions

Those who enjoy Nebraska’s outdoor resources often wish to give back in a way that enhances their favorite activities at their favorite state parks and recreation areas. Donations for campground improvements, cabin development, fishing docks and piers, boating improvements and habitat development are popular. Donations for development of nature and visitors centers, shooting facilities, and for education and outreach programs are also welcome.

Estate planning

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission works with families regarding estate planning. Families often wish to give back to Nebraska after creating memories and traditions at state parks and recreation areas or through other outdoor pursuits.


Individuals or groups often wish to honor a loved one by giving a financial gift in his or her memory. Memorials can be sent to Nebraska Game and Parks for areas of greatest need or designated to a certain project such as conservation efforts, outreach programs or improvements to a favorite park area.

Sale or donation of property

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission accepts donations of property. In some cases, the Commission is also interested in purchasing property. Those who wish to inquire about selling property to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission can email Charla Rasmussen or call her at 402-471-5535.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation

The Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation is an organization of Nebraskans focused on the future of parks, wildlife management and conservation in our state. The Foundation accepts tax-deductible contributions to help care for and preserve the outdoor resources that make Nebraska special.
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