Watchable Wildlife Small Grants Request for Proposals

Watchable Wildlife Grants, funded through the Wildlife Conservation Fund, help to develop wildlife-viewing and nature-based experiences in Nebraska. The intent of these grants is to help people build appreciation and stewardship for natural resources through practical experience. A maximum of $3,000 is available per proposal with a total of $15,000 available. A 25 percent match is required, which may include an in-kind match. Potential projects include, but are not limited to: viewing site development, events, infrastructure, and equipment and plan development.

Watchable Wildlife Grant Informational Flyer

Grant submissions will be accepted beginning in September 2017. Proposals are due Dec. 1, 2017 and should be submitted electronically to Kristal Stoner OR mailed to:

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Attention: Kristal Stoner
2200 N. 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68503-0370

Eligible projects

  • Everyone is eligible. Non-profit, governmental, and for-profit entities are all eligible to apply. If the project is sought by a for-profit entity, the applicant must describe how it is not directly linked to the profit of the organization or company.
  • The project must have a net positive impact on natural resources and wildlife.
  • The project must promote stewardship and appreciation of local natural resources.
  • A project that is already completed prior to completion of the grant process is not eligible.
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission projects are not eligible.
  • A project funded previously is not eligible.
  • Computers, software or items of a similar nature are not eligible.
  • Tower viewers/stationary binoculars or items of a similar nature are not eligible.

Proposal format

  • Cover Letter: Include the organization name, address, contact person and their contact information, indicate if it is a 501 (C)(3) or other status, proposal name and include an authorizing signature.
  • Narrative: The proposal narrative is limited to two pages, 12-point font, and one inch margins. The narrative should contain a summary statement limited to 150 words.
  • Budget: The budget is not a part of the two-page narrative and should clearly describe the match. See the budget table for more information.
  • Maps, photos and attachments: Any additional information more clearly describing or illustrating the site may be included and does not count as part of the narrative.
  • Timeline: A timeline for completing the project in one year should be included. If the project cannot be completed in one year, justification for time extension should be provided.
  • Signage: Content verbiage and/or sign mock-ups for projects should be attached for review.
  • Partners:Grant projects that include outside partnerships must have letters of support attached. The nature of said partnership must be detailed.


  • Grants will be reviewed by a Nebraska Watchable Wildlife Committee.
  • Awarded projects will be announced in January, 2018.

Ranking criteria

  • Does it educate people on how to interact at this location appropriately? (Example: Leave No Trace!)?
  • Does this project educate people about what they are experiencing with a take-home message?
  • Is this project sustainable?
  • How many people are likely to be impacted by this project annually? Who is the target audience of this project?
  • How will this project recruit individuals to participate? How will it retain high levels of participation? How will it develop the individuals in a manner that they will want to continue to participate in nature based recreation?
  • How will this project impact or integrate with the region or local communities?
  • Is this project capacity building?
  • Is this a new organization, new development or new component of an existing business?


  • When a grant is awarded, a contract must be developed between the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the recipient (allow three to four weeks).
  • Grants will be awarded as a reimbursement program, and a match must be established in order to receive reimbursement.
  • Depending on the nature of the project, an interim report may be required six months after a grant is awarded describing its progress including photos if applicable. For all projects a final report is due upon project completion, with a deadline of Feb. 28, 2019.
  • Projects must be available for site visits from Nebraska Game and Parks Commission staff.
  • Projects must give credit to the Wildlife Conservation Fund and provide the website and provide information for donating to the fund.


Past Awardees


Contact Kristal Stoner at 402-471-5444