Fisheries Programs

Over the years, Nebraska Game and Parks has implemented a number of programs designed to enhance angling opportunities and the fishing experience for those who fish in Nebraska through habitat improvement projects, angler access projects and more. Read on to learn more about completed projects, as well as projects taking place around the state to enhance opportunities for anglers.

Aquatic habitat program

The Aquatic Habitat Program works to improve conditions for aquatic life through better management or rehabilitation of existing resources, and collaborates with partners to build new waters to make them the best they can be.
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Angler access program

The angler access program, in conjunction with aquatic habitat projects, is working to incorporate sidewalks to the water’s edge, smoothing shorelines, building on the water platforms and improving boating access. This program has been especially helpful in providing access that meets standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Private waters program

Privately owned waters represent an appreciable portion of Nebraska’s fishable waters. This includes flowing waters (excepting the Missouri River), privately owned natural lakes, constructed lakes, sandpits and farm ponds. Nebraska’s private waters provide a substantial amount of fishing opportunity, produce quality fisheries and are important habitats for native wildlife species. Surveys indicate that roughly 25 percent of licensed anglers fish private waters, and more than 25 percent of Master Angler fish are caught from private waters.
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Fish stocking program

Nebraska’s fisheries managers employ many tools to maintain and enhance our state’s fish populations and fishing opportunities. Stocking fish is just one of those tools. Each year, millions of fish are stocked in Nebraska waters from one end of the state to the other, with dozens of species stocked in hundreds of waters.
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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission operates five fish production facilities. These facilities allow the commission to supply fish for angling and conservation purposes. Each facility has unique resources. Cooperatively, they produce many species including cold-water trout; cool-water northern pike, muskellunge and walleye; and warm-water largemouth bass, bluegill, white bass and catfish.
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More Information

A variety of useful, free publications are available to assist you in learning more about our programs and/or help make your next fishing trip a success.

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