Wildlife Conservation Fund

WCF_SwiftFoxSince 1984, tax deductible donations to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund have helped the thousands of species that call Nebraska home. Wildlife Conservation Fund projects help those species considered non-game, or those that are not hunted or fished. Donated dollars have big impact, since Wildlife Conservation Fund dollars are matched with other grants, so that a dollar donated becomes 4 dollars for helping wildlife. The Wildlife Conservation Fund makes many types of projects possible, including:

  • Improving habitat across Nebraska for our at-risk species while keeping common species common by funding projects such as prairie restorations and invasive species removal.
  • Preventing future endangered species listings by funding reintroduction projects such as the now thriving peregrine falcon, by funding research to ensure efficient conservation such as a river otter population and genetic study and long-billed curlew habitat study.
  • Education Projects such as Project BEAK (Bird Education Awareness for Kids) that targets grade school children about ecological principles such as habitat, Nebraska’s birds and adaptation.
  • Connecting Wildlife and Nebraskans through projects like wildcams for the peregrine falcon, kestrel and least tern.

How to Donate

Buy a license plate

Show your conservation pride by buying one of three new license plate designs that benefit the Wildlife Conservation Fund. The new plates, available Jan. 1, 2021, feature a bighorn sheep, sandhill crane and ornate box turtle. Each plate is $5 or $40 for a specialty plate.

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On your tax form

You may choose to donate all or a portion of your tax refund to the Wildlife Conservation Fund when you complete your taxes.

By check

Checks made payable to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund may be sent to:

Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
PO Box 30370
2200 N. 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68503


You can always make a donation to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund through our secure website and selecting “Wildlife Conservation Fund Donations” at the bottom of the page.

Donate Now

Project updates

Learn about current projects made possible by the Wildlife Conservation Fund in our latest newsletter. In the 2022 issue of Saving Wildlife and WILD PLACES you’ll learn about our progress with:

  • American Burying Beetle
  • Blowout Penstemon Restoration
  • Habitat and Species Conservation
  • Blanding’s Turtle Surveys
  • Master Naturalist Junior Program
  • And much more!

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