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Trout stocking reports

Trout are stocked in city ponds and state park and recreation area lakes across the state each year.

Nebraska Game and Parks stocks trout in water bodies across the state twice each year, in the spring and the fall. Stocking schedules can change on short notice for a variety of reasons. Planned stockings for the fall 2023 are included in the tables below. View the complete stocking report list.

Cutthroat Trout

Week ofWater bodyCityLocationNumber of fish
Sept. 11-17South Grable Pond CrawfordFort Robinson State Park500
Chadron State Park Pond Chadron Chadron SP550
Alliance golf course pond Alliance350
Wood Reserve 1 Crawford250
Wood Reserve 3  Crawford250
Wood Reserve 4 Crawford350
White River Crawford825
Sowbelly Creek Harrison250
Cherry Creek Diversion Pond CrawfordFort Robinson SP300
Sept. 18-24North Morrill PondMorrill1,000
Scottsbluff Zoo PondScottsbluff500
Carter P. Johnson LakeCrawfordFort Robinson SP1,000
Bridgeport middle lakeBridgeportBridgeport State Recreation Area1,100
Sept. 25-Oct. 2Grove SandpitRoyalGrove Lake Wildlife Management Area100

Rainbow Trout

Week ofWater bodyCityLocationNumber of fish
Sept. 18-24East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
Gilbert Baker Pond HarrisonGilbert Baker WMA600
White RiverCrawfordFort Robinson SP1,000
Sept. 25-Oct. 1East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
Elm Creek Red CloudElm Creek WMA1,000
Bridgeport middle lakeBridgeportBridgeport SRA2,000
Oct. 2-8East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
Grove SandpitRoyalGrove Lake WMA75
Fremont Lake No. 2FremontFremont SRA4,500
Crystal Cove LakeSouth Sioux City4,500
Fontenelle Park PondOmaha1,050
Benson LakeOmaha1,200
Ta-Ha-Zouka Park LakeNorfolk1,500
Pawnee Park WestColumbus500
Bridgeport Northwest LakeBridgeportBridgeport SRA1,400
Laing LakeAlliance1,500
Cherry Creek Diversion PondCrawfordFort Robinson SP250
Sidney Legion Park PondSidney300
Carter P. Johnson LakeCrawfordFort Robinson SP2,500
Middle Ice House PondCrawfordFort Robinson SP200
Lower Ice House PondCrawfordFort Robinson SP500
Oct. 9-15Lake Halleck Papillion1,200
Steinhart Park PondNebraska City800
Weeping Water Park Pond 1Weeping Water1,500
Louisville Pond 1ALouisvilleLouisville SRA600
Hanscom Park PondOmaha450
Towl Park PondOmaha300
David City Park PondDavid City600
East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
North Morrill PondMorrill2,250
Middle Morrill PondMorrill450
South Morrill PondMorrill400
Scottsbluff Zoo PondScottsbluff900
Rock Creek LakeParksRock Creek SRA3,000
Curtis Golf Course PondCurtis150
Oxford City Lake OxfordGeorge Mitchell Park300
Plum Creek Park LakeLexington750
Oct. 16-22Bessey Pond Halsey600
Ord City Lake (Auble’s Pond)OrdAuble’s Pond and Nature Trail1,500
Gracie Creek Pond Burwell1,000
Melham Park Lake Broken Bow875
Ansley City Lake Ansley1,000
Heartwell Park LakeHastings900
GI Suck’s Lake Grand Island650
Gretna X PondGretnaGretna Crossing200
CenturyLink Lake AshlandEugene T. Mahoney SP1,500
Bowling LakeLincoln400
Holmes LakeLincoln3,000
Humbolt City Park Lake Humbolt600
Stanton Lake Falls City200
Auburn Rotary Club LakeAuburnAuburn Fairgrounds800
Geneva pondGeneva 300
Pawnee City Park Lake Pawnee City300
East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
Grove LakeRoyalGrove Lake WMA1,500
Lake HelenGothenburg2,000
Windmill No. 2GibbonWindmill SRA600
Birdwood LakeNorth PlatteBirdwood WMA4,000
Humphrey PondOgallala600
Bethphage PondAxtell200
Oct. 23-29East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
Oct. 30-Nov. 5East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA200
Holdrege City Lake (North Park)Holdrege1,800
Fort Kearny No. 6 KearneyFort Kearny SRA1,280
North Platte I-80 lakeNorth Platte4,050
South Grable Pond CrawfordFort Robinson SP1,200
Middle Grable PondCrawfordFort Robinson SP400
North Grable PondCrawfordFort Robinson SP750
(as time and weather permit)
Lake OgallalaOgallalaLake Ogallala SRA20,000
East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA800
Crystal Springs Middle PondFairbury1,000
(as time and weather permit)
Lake Ogallala OgallalaLake Ogallala SRA5,000
CenturyLink Lake AshlandEugene T. Mahoney SP3,500
Bowling LakeLincoln400
Holmes LakeLincoln3,000
East Branch Verdigre CreekRoyalGrove Lake WMA1,000
Birdwood LakeNorth PlatteBirdwood WMA2,000
a fisheries biologist leans over with a net full of trout that he is releasing into a river in Nebraska

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We’ve been stocking Nebraska water bodies with a diversity of fish species since the late 1920s. Explore the searchable database that shows which species were stocked when and where.



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