Fishing Guide and Reports

Each year, Nebraska Game and Parks publishes a number of guides and reports with regulations and sampling reports. Read on to learn more.

Fishing Guide

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission publishes an annual fishing guide, which includes useful information including regulations, state records, public fishing areas and much more. The current fishing guide, along will all of our other guides, is available to view or download from our guides page.
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Fisheries publications

Following are some of the most popular publications developed by our fisheries biologists:

Going Fishing
NEBRASKAland Magazine’s Fishing the Sandhills
NEBRASKAland Magazine’s Fishing the Metro
Fishing Across Nebraska: A guide to public fishing in the I-80 corridor
Trout Fishing in Nebraska’s Streams
Pond Management Guide
Carp-O-Rama handbook

Fishing forecast

With about 450 lakes and streams open to public fishing, deciding where to fish in Nebraska can sometimes be challenging. Our annual fishing forecast contains research statistics and graphs to explain sampling information for important sport fish species sampled across Nebraska from the previous year. Daryl Bauer, Game and Parks fisheries outreach program manager, also provides useful tips for Nebraska anglers.
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Stocking reports

Nebraska’s fisheries managers employ many tools to maintain and enhance our state’s fish populations and fishing opportunities. Stocking fish is just one of those tools. Each year millions of fish are stocked in Nebraska waters from one end of the state to the other, dozens of species are stocked in hundreds of waters. Use our interactive database to search stockings.
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Fish sampling reports

Fish sampling reports include statistics for area public water bodies that were surveyed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Information contained within the reports will help anglers decide on where the best fishing for a variety of species can be found based on survey results.
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Barbs and Backlashes

Learn tips, tricks and a variety of fishing wisdom, keep up to date on state records and fishing conditions and enjoy photos of really big fish on this popular blog, written by Nebraska Game and Parks fisheries outreach program manager and seasoned angler Daryl Bauer.
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