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Learn to Fish

Nebraska has incredible fishing opportunities! Check out these fishing resources to learn more about where, when and how to fish.

Going Fishing Guide

This basic fishing guide covers everything you need to know to get started in the rewarding sport of angling. Topics include fishing equipment and tackle, casting and knot tying techniques, tips for targeting species you can catch from shore, fish identification and fishing regulations. Whether you’re curious about how to tell the difference between a bluegill and a green sunfish, or you’re looking for a refresher on how to fish a Texas rig – this guide has the answers.


If you are new or returning to fishing, Nebraska Game and Parks offers a variety of resources to get you up-to-speed and catching fish in no time.

Nebraska Fish

Nebraska Fish

Learn about species of Nebraska fish.

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Where to Fish

Where to Fish

Nebraska provides plentiful & diverse fishing opportunities for anglers. Find our top resources.

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Attend a Fishing Event

Attend a Fishing Event

From community fishing events to tournaments, Nebraska hosts it all for new or avid anglers.

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Certified Fishing Instructor Network

Certified Fishing Instructor Network

The Nebraska Game and Parks has trained volunteer fishing instructors for more than 30 years.

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Fishing Guide & Reports

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission publishes an annual fishing guide, which includes useful information including fishing regulations, state records, public fishing areas and much more.

Fishing Forecast: Your guide to Nebraska’s Waters

Our annual fishing forecast can help you pick your next place to fish. The forecast contains research statistics and graphs to explain sampling information for important sport fish species sampled across Nebraska.

Immerse yourself

Want to learn more about catching the big one? Want some advice from our experts on lures to use and locations to go? Check out our additional resources, which include fishing tips, techniques and much more!

Rainbow trout

Fish for trout

Several Nebraska streams have naturally reproducing trout populations, but most of Nebraska’s trout are stocked in lakes. Find all the resources you need to fish for trout.



Bowfishing combines the challenge of bow hunting with the thrill of fishing. Rivers, lakes, sandpits and backwaters — Nebraska has lots to offer bow anglers.

A smiling woman holds a panfish as her friend takes a cell phone photo of her.

Fishing videos

Browse our fishing playlist on YouTube and get inspired to go fishing. You also can find tips on where to fish and what to fish in Fisheries Biologist Daryl Bauer’s video series Angle on Angling.


Barbs & Backlashes

Want to know what’s happening in the world of fishing? Need advice on the best equipment or the right bait to use during a particular season? Read top-notch advice from an expert angler — who also happens to be a fisheries biologist.


Visit Schramm

Schramm Education Center allows visitors to learn about Nebraska’s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems through unique, interactive exhibits. Visitors also can access the ponds, nature trails and historic fish hatchery at Schramm Park.

Fisheries programs

Learn everything about how Nebraska Game and Parks works to enhance angling opportunities and the fishing experience by making habitat improvements, building angler access sites and more.

Fishing Permits

Purchase stamps, resident and non-resident fishing permits here.

Park Pricing

A park entry permit is required to visit state parks and may be purchased at the park, statewide Game and Parks offices and permit vendors, or in advance of your arrival online. View those fees, as well as attraction and amenity pricing.