Going Fishing

Catching your next fish isn’t all luck. Successful anglers have mastered the basics on this page so they can catch more — and bigger — fish. Whether you are new to angling or returning after a break, here you’ll discover resources that tell you where are the best places to cast your line, what type of bait or lure you should use, and which of Nebraska’s 100 fish species you’ve caught. We’ll even tell you how to move from open-water fishing to ice fishing … when you’re ready of course.

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Going fishing guide

This basic fishing guide covers everything you need to know to get started in the rewarding sport of angling. Topics include fishing equipment and tackle, casting and knot tying techniques, tips for targeting species you can catch from shore, fish identification and fishing regulations. Whether you’re curious about how to tell the difference between a bluegill and a green sunfish, or you’re looking for a refresher on how to fish a Texas rig – this guide has the answers.

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Fishing Guide & Reports

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission publishes an annual fishing guide, which includes useful information including fishing regulations, state records, public fishing areas and much more.

In addition, each year an annual fishing forecast, fisheries publications, stocking and sampling reports and more are available.
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Fishing Forecast: Your guide to Nebraska’s waters

With about 450 lakes and streams open to public fishing, deciding where to fish in Nebraska can sometimes be challenging. Our annual fishing forecast can help. The forecast contains research statistics and graphs to explain sampling information for important sport fish species sampled across Nebraska from the previous year along with useful tips from our fisheries division staff.
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Nebraska Fishing Lakes

Nebraska offers diverse fishing opportunities with a landscape dotted with lakes, rivers, and streams. Fishing is a sport that all skill levels can enjoy. Family Friendly Lakes are lakes that help bridge the gap between skill levels to provide a fun, family outing in a comfortable environment with great fishing opportunities. Click on the map below to explore Nebraska’s fishing lakes.

Fishing Articles

Looking for fishing advice from the experts? Check out our series of fishing articles and blogs for fishing tips, techniques and much more.

Fishing videos

Nebraska has incredible fishing opportunities across the state. Our fisheries program manager, Daryl Bauer, shares his tips on where to fish and what to fish in his video series Angle on Angling.

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Aquatic education programs

The Nebraska Game and Parks commission offers a variety of aquatic education opportunities from programs in elementary school classrooms to public events and workshops for the entire family. Browse some of our programs and learn more about Nebraska’s aquatic habitat and fish species.
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