Fishing Tournaments

Even ol’ Isaac Walton was a bit competitive when he was catching fish. Nebraska hosts a number of fishing tournaments for a variety of species of fish every year. Following is information on the tournaments that have been registered this year.

High school fishing tournaments

Youth fishing tournaments are conducted in cooperation with state and national fishing organizations. These tournaments offer youth the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their fishing ability while competing under the guidance and support of avid-angler’s organizations. In some instances, these tournaments lead to regional and national tournament participation. You can visit the following websites to learn more about the TBF Student Angler Federation High School Tournament and the BASS High School Team Tournament.

General fishing tournaments

There are many fishing tournaments scheduled to take place across Nebraska this year. Download the latest listing of events below.

2022 Fishing Tournaments


Register to hold a fishing tournament, derby or contest that require an entry fee to participate on publicly owned, controlled or manage waters.
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Additionally, those who wish to hold a fishing permit on waters located within a Nebraska state park or recreation area must also apply for a special occasion permit.
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You may find a list of state recreation areas at the link below.
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