Wildcat Hills Nature Center

The Wildcat Hills Nature Center exhibits and activities offer visitors a chance to discover this pine-clad butte range. Through interactive displays and interpretive programming, visitors can uncover the common plants and animals that call this area home. Bird viewing is a must at Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area. The nature center boasts a large viewing area with several feeders and a view overlooking the North Platte River valley. Other exhibits explore the past life of the Wildcat Hills through interpretive paleontology and archeology displays.

Room Rental

The Ponderosa Room at the Wildcat Hills Nature Center is a beautiful space with an unbeatable view of the North Platte Valley. This room is an ideal place for meetings, family reunions, birthday parties and wedding receptions. For more information about renting this room, please contact the Park Office at 308-436-3777.

Field Trips

Wildcat Hills Field Trip Information. For additional information, contact Amanda Filipi for field trip information at 308-436-3777 or

2022 Programs & Activities

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