Publications and Resources

Please visit our press room to view our archive of news releases about events, projects, hunting outlooks, fish stockings and more.

Other resources published by the Commission include:

Game and Parks at a Glance

Learn about our mission, structure, funding sources and about the economic impact of outdoor recreation in this brief overview.
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Annual report

Each year, the Commission publishes an annual report highlighting major accomplishments from the preceding year. A digital version of the report is available to the public.
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Focus on the Future

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s strategic plan, Focus on the Future, details long-term plans for ensuring the future of Nebraska’s wildlife and wild places.
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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Guidance Document

The American Rescue Plan Act Guidance Document includes details on the funds appropriated to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for identified wastewater treatment projects in critical need of attention.

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A comprehensive list of rules, regulations and orders pertaining to hunting, fishing, parks and more, as well as to orders and regulations being considered by the Commission, is available on the regulations page of the website.
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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission publishes a variety of hunting guides, which include useful information including season dates, bag limits, identification tips and much more. Visit our guides page for a full list of available guides, as well as to view them online.
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Public Access Atlas

Published annually, this resource is a consolidated atlas of lands available for public hunting and fishing in Nebraska. The atlas includes detailed maps, as well as other resources for those seeking places to hunt and fish.
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Water Trails Guide

This guide is designed to give communities they tools they need to develop, maintain, upgrade and promote a successful water trail.
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Natural Playscapes Guide

This guide is designed to give communities they tools they need to develop and build a natural playscape.
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The agency publishes NEBRASKAland magazine 10 times a year. This award-winning magazine includes in-depth stories about hunting, fishing, state parks, Nebraska history and much more, as well as photography showcasing Nebraska’s beauty. A digital copy of the current issue of the magazine is available on the NEBRASKAland website at no charge, as are blogs, feature stories, photo galleries and more.
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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission publishes a variety of blogs, which include useful information on subjects ranging from fishing to conservation.

Economic impact

Outdoor pursuits including hunting, fishing, camping and wildlife viewing have an estimated $2.4 billion annual economic impact in Nebraska. This video details how outdoor pursuits directly and indirectly benefit businesses and communities in Nebraska.
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