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Statewide Park Improvements

Explore our ongoing and completed improvements made at state parks across this state.

In order to keep our 75 state parks, state historical parks and state recreation areas vibrant, beautiful and well-maintained, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission continually works to upgrade aging infrastructure and add new amenities, in addition to performing regular maintenance on infrastructure.

Our 10-year capital maintenance plan prioritizes critical infrastructure needs so we can ensure our parks and facilities meet current safety and functionality standards, as well as the demand for new experiences.

Nebraska Game and Parks works to make improvements at parks around the state year round. The following park projects are under development.

Ash Hollow SHP
  • ADA-compliant improvements to visitor center
Branched Oak SRA
  • Area 11 campground expansion with ADA-improvements design concept
  • ADA-compliant fish-cleaning stations upgrade
Bluestem SRA
  • Electrical campground, ADA and showerhouse design concept
Cheyenne SRA
  • Campground expansion with ADA upgrades design concept
Conestoga Lake SRA
  • Electrical campsites, ADA upgrades and showerhouse design concept
  • ADA-compliant fish-cleaning stations upgrade

Cowboy Trail SRA
  • Erosion control design concept at Neligh Highway 275
  • Flood repair design at Long Pine
  • Surfacing repairs plans for Madison, Antelope, Holt, Rock, Brown and Cherry counties
Cozad WMA
  • Campground design concept
Fort Robinson State Park
  • Aquatic facility design concept
Fremont Lakes SRA
  • ADA-compliant showerhouse design concept
  • Dump station replacement design concept
Indian Cave State Park
  • Motorboat access improvement
  • Horse Camp waterline replacement design concept

Johnson Lake SRA
  • Dump station upgrade design concept

Keller Park SRA
  • Vault toilet replacements (2)

Lake McConaughy SRA
  • Way-finding signage design

Lake Minatare SRA
  • Vault toilet replacements (4)

Lewis and Clark Lake SRA
  • Wastewater treatment construction
  • Burbach Campground electrical upgrades

Long Pine SRA
  • Campground expansion design concept

Louisville SRA
  • Eagle View Campground electrical upgrade

Eugene T. Mahoney SP
  • Lakeside Campground water and wastewater improvements, and electrical and ADA upgrades
  • Peter Kiewit Lodge Guest Room improvements design concept

James Family Conservatory sewer and drainage improvements

Maloney Reservoir SRA
  • Campground expansion and renovation design concept

Memphis Lake SRA
  • Vault toilet replacement

Merritt Reservoir SRA
  • Cedar Bay Campground expansion with ADA upgrades

Niobrara SP
  • Pond seepage and road work design concept

Sandy Channel SRA
  • Well system design concept

Sherman Reservoir SRA
  • Thunder Bay Campground ADA-compliant camping pads upgrades
Two Rivers SRA
  • Electrical upgrade

Projects were completed at all of our parks and recreations areas between 2014 and 2023. They include:

Alexandria SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Vault toilet restroom replacement (2)
  • New south dike design
Alliance District Office
  • Walk-up office window installation
  • Sewer investigation
Arbor Lodge SHP
  • Mansion renovations, including shutter replacements, portico plaster and painting
  • New shutters, portico plaster, and painting at the mansion
  • HVAC system replaced
  • ADA-compliant modern restroom
Ash Hollow SHP
  • Design concepts for ADA-improvements
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Aging infrastructure building removal (2)
Bluestem SRA
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
Bowring Ranch SHP
  • Window replacements
Box Butte Reservoir SRA
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet upgrades (2)
  • Campground expansion including ADA-compliant upgrades
Branched Oak SRA
  • Concrete vault toilet installation (4)
  • Campground electrical upgrade at Area 1 and 4
  • Water storage repair and painting
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet
Bridgeport SRA
  • Latrine at swimming beach area upgraded with ADA-compliant features
  • Group fire rings and special event bleachers and platform
  • Entrance signs installed
  • Three horseshoe pits installed
  • Two ADA-compliant vault toilets
Box Butte Reservoir
  • Campground upgrade
  • New precast vault latrine installed at the main campground
Buffalo Bill SHP
  • Mansion renovations, including porch improvements and window installations
  • Barn roof refinished
  • Hardwood floors refinished in mansion
  • Porches and railings on mansion rebuilt
Calamus Hatchery
  • Gates construction and reservoir water line repair
Calamus SRA
  • Hot water heater replacement
  • Fish grinder replacement
  • Office expansion viability study for ADA-upgrade
  • Fish-cleaning station with grinder installation (2)
  • Hatchery waterline upgrade and valve replacement
  • Installed two boat docks with ADA-accessible railings
  • Replaced shower building with ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Installed two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • 63 campground pedestals upgraded
  • 10 50-amp camp pads added
  • Buckshot Bay ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement
Chadron State Park
  • Trading Post HVAC upgrade
  • Campground electrical 50-amp and ADA accessible upgrades
  • Campground upgrade design concept
  • Entrance sign replacement
  • ADA-compliant camping pads and electrical upgrades
  • New shower house
  • New vault toilets
  • Installation of new ADA-compliant playground equipment and surfacing
  • Construction of new shooting range building
  • Cabin upgrades/improvements and ADA-access
  • Pinecone Shelter ADA-upgrade
  • Built ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Updated plumbing in group cabins
  • Audio visual system and lighting at group meeting facility upgraded
  • ADA-compliant mini-golf course design concept
Conestoga SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
Cottonwood Lake SRA
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
Cowboy Trail
  • Storm damage repairs, including fencing
  • Erosion-control design concept at Norfolk Bridge 147
  • Flood-repair design concept at Oakdale Bridge 211 and Valentine
Danish Alps SRA
  • ADA-compliant cement walkway
  • ADA-compliant fishing pier
  • ADA-compliant fish cleaning station
Dead Timber SRA
  • Two vault toilets replace
  • New grills and picnic tables installed
Enders Reservoir SRA
  • ADA-compliant camping pad installation
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Upgraded all pedestals to 50-amp
  • Drinking water well, distribution lines and eight hydrants installed
  • Five target archery ranges installed
Eugene T. Mahoney SP
  • Dump utilities improvement design concept
  • Concrete restroom installation
  • Drainage improvements
  • Peter Kiewit Lodge erosion mitigation
  • Lakeside Campground electrical upgrade
  • Elevator modernization
  • New group rental facility
  • New precast vault latrines
  • Cabin upgrades (2 per year)
  • Facility audio and visual capabilities upgraded
  • Peter Kiewit Lodge air-conditioning system replacement
  • Little Creek electrical upgrades
  • Telecommunications fiber upgrade
  • Cabins 2 and 16 remodel
  • Interpretive waterway trail design concept
Fort Atkinson
  • New entrance design concept
  • Fort wall log replacements
  • Relocated park entrance road to improve access
Fort Hartsuff SHP
  • New roofs on Quartermaster’s Storehouse, Quartermaster’s Stable and Commanding Officer’s Quarters
  • Chimneys tucked on Storehouse, Laundress Quarters, Stables, Officers Quarters, Commanding Officer’s Quarters and Hospital
Fort Kearny SRA
  • Toilet installation
  • Campground electrical upgrades
  • Three ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • ADA-accessible camping pad
  • Pressurized drinking water well installed
  • New two-lane dump station
  • Wastewater lagoon system installed
  • ADA-compliant bathroom and shower addition
Fort Robinson State Park
  • Concrete toilet installation
  • Cabin foundation replacement design concept
  • Horse Barn foundation repair design concept
  • Mare Barn Campground expansion design concept
  • ADA-compliant playground equipment installation
  • Red Cloud Campground expansion
  • Maintenance shop upgrades
  • Water tower painting
  • Steel shed door replacement
  • New precast vault latrines
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Buffalo Barracks new siding
  • Firehall, Barn 105 and 106 new roofs
  • Porch roof replacement
  • Post Playhouse updated HVAC
  • HVAC in Bricks group lodging facilities
  • Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation Phase 1 with ADA-access
  • Water tower painting
  • Horse Barn foundation repairs
  • Mare Barn ADA-compliant showerhouse replacement
  • Cabin electrical upgrade
  • Soldier Creek Campground electrical upgrade
  • Mare Barn Campground expansion, with ADA-compliant sites
  • Cabin foundation replacement
Fremont Lakes SRA
  • Victory Lake erosion prevention improvements
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Sewer system upgrade at Victory Lake shower houses and dump station
  • Victory Lake shoreline erosion repair design concept
  • Pathfinder and Victory Lake campgrounds electrical upgrade design concept
  • Public docks system and concession area design concept
Fort Atkinson SHP
  • Replaced logs and repaired west wall of the fort
Fort Robinson State Park
  • Upgrades to the exterior of the Adobe buildings
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Electrical and HVAC upgrade in 309 Building
  • New duplex-style lodge combining historical features with modern amenities
  • New roof and siding added at the Post Playhouse storage facility
  • Decking and porches replaced at Officer’s Row
Gallagher Canyon SRA
  • Boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
Johnson Lake SRA
  • Wildlife viewing blind installed
Indian Cave State Park
  • Horse Camp water line replacement design concept
  • Concrete repair for parking/boat ramp
  • Transformer upgrade
  • New precast vault latrines, including two that meet ADA-compliance
  • Upgrade shower house to meet ADA regulations
  • New ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • 44 new 50-amp electrical installed at campground
  • Upgraded water system
  • Road improvements to park and equestrian camping area
  • New gatehouse
  • ADA-compliant cave-viewing walkway
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacements (2)
  • St. Deroin Bridge replacement
Johnson Lake SRA
  • Fish-cleaning station upgrade
  • Shower building replaced with ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Recreational vehicle campsites electrical upgrade
Keller Park State Recreation Area
  • Campground electrical upgrade plan
Grove Trout Rearing Station
  • Flood repairs
  • Recreational vehicle campsites electrical upgrade
Lake Maloney SRA
  • Wastewater system upgrades
  • 56 pedestals at Kansas Point campground upgraded
Lake McConaughy SRA
  • Cedar View Campground shower replacement
  • Arthur Bay Campground shower replacement
  • Added ADA-compliant campsites
  • Renovated shower buildings and restroom facilities at four campground areas
  • Improved sanitary sewer, expanding trailer dump stations and building two wastewater treatment lagoons
  • Completed three new campgrounds with a total of 170 sites and updated electrical at 42 sites
  • Added two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • Added six ADA-compliant constructed latrines
  • Expanded Visitor’s Center Nature Trail
  • Expanded contracted services for refuse removal and portable restrooms
  • New gatehouses installed
  • Angler access improvements made
  • New boat docks installed, one with ADA-accessible kayak and canoe launch
  • Upgraded fish cleaning stations
  • Pollinator gardens established at the Outdoor Discovery Area at the Lake McConaughy Water Center
  • The Ethel Abbott Theater, Balancing Unlimited Needs topographic display and Water for Communities displays were upgraded with new automated audio/visual systems
  • Motorboat access improvements
Lake Minatare SRA
  • Lakeview campground electrical upgrades
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building and ADA-compliant constructed latrine
  • Upgraded 62 campground sites to 50-amp
  • Electrical pedestals upgraded to 50-amp at main campground
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement (4)
  • Added two fish cleaning stations
  • Maintenance shop upgrades
Lake Ogallala SRA
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • Angler access improvements, including an ADA-accessible sidewalk, accessible gangway and stairwell access
  • Shower and latrine replaced with ADA compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • 44 pedestals upgraded
  • 82 sites at Lake Ogallala Campground upgraded to 50-amp
  • New gate house installed
  • ADA-compliant floating fishing bridge installed
  • Fish cleaning station upgraded
Lewis and Clark SRA
  • Marina expansion design concept
  • Rural water installation at Miller Creek
  • Water line break repair near Bloomfield Area
  • Fish-cleaning station upgrade
  • Boat ramp installation
  • Restroom removal
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Burbach Campground campsites electrical upgrade
Long Pine SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Replacement well installed at campgrounds
  • Campground expansion design concept
Louisville SRA
  • Campground electrical upgrade
  • Small-craft boat dock installation
  • Fishing pier installation
  • Boat dock replacement
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine and ADA compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Eagleview Campground campsites electrical upgrade
Maloney Reservoir SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
Medicine Creek SRA
  • Aging infrastructure building removal
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • 44 sites upgraded to 50-amp service
  • Eight electrical pedestals installed
  • New transformer installed
  • Four new hydrants installed
  • Nine-hole disc golf course added
  • Four target archery ranged installed
Memphis SRA
  • Installed 18 new 50-amp electrical campsites
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Sewer system design concept
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement
Merritt Reservoir SRA
  • Cedar Bay Campground showerhouse upgrade
  • Additional campground design concept
  • Fish cleaning stations upgraded
  • Constructed new large picnic shelter
  • 41 pads upgraded to 50-amp
  • Cedar Bay campground electrical upgrade
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement (2)
  • Breakwater improvements
  • ADA-compliant fish-cleaning stations upgrade
Milburn Dam
  • Vault toilet restroom replacement
Mormon Island SRA
  • Campground expansion viability study
  • Campground improvements
  • Sewer lagoon collection system repairs
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Shower building renovated with LED lighting, new siding, and improved shower stalls
  • Maintenance shop resided
  • Campground expansion design concept
Mulberry Bend Wildlife Management Area
  • Boat launch facilities installed
Niobrara SP
  • Dump station enhancement and repairs
  • Cabin upgrades
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Campsites upgraded
  • New cookout shelter constructed
North Platte Fish Hatchery
  • Furnace replacement
Pawnee SRA
  • Campgrounds 3 and 4 electrical upgrades
  • Vault toilet installation
  • Campground electrical upgrades
  • New shower building installation
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Marina building upgrade
  • Campground areas 3 and 4 electrical upgrade
Platte River SP
  • Erosion repairs at Evergreen Cabin site
  • ADA-compliant duplex renovations
  • Two shelter installations
  • Natural playground installation
  • Cost summary to install fiber
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • Water tower established and rural water connection and distribution system updated
  • Shoreline enhancements improved angler access
  • Water supply system modifications
  • Owen’s Cabins heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacement
  • Bank stabilization design concept
Ponca SP
  • Water and electrical line relocation at the north addition primitive area (2)
  • Education center expansion concept design
  • Gray Fox Cabin HVAC upgrade
  • Shower house removal
  • Boat ramp repairs
  • Renovated landscapes at the entrance of Ponca State Park, including adding fill and topsoil to identified areas; planting trees, shrubs and perennials; removing of power poles; trail work; constructing of a small shelter; patio addition to Towers in Time; and other landscape features
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • Shower house replacements, including an ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • ADA-compliant zero-depth entry pool, splash pad, water slide and new restroom and shower house installed
  • New boat ramp
  • Mini-lodge bedroom/Great Room expansion design concept
Red Willow Reservoir SRA
  • Fish cleaning station upgrade
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • 33 pedestals upgraded to 50-amp service
  • Two 400-amp panels installed
Riverview SRA
  • Vault toilet replacement installation
  • Silt removal
Rock Creek Lake SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • New boat ramp and dock
Rock Creek SHP
  • New lagoon and septic system
  • Bridge repair and bank stabilization
  • Electrical upgrade design concept
  • Sewer system investigation
Rock Creek Station SRA
  • Campground electrical upgrade design concept
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Public drinking water well assessment
Rockford SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement
Sandy Channel SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • Rock-surface camping pads installed with new grills and picnic tables
  • Camping improvements
Schramm Park SRA
  • 4-H Camp building removal
  • Sidewalk improvements
Sherman Reservoir SRA
  • Fish-cleaning station upgrade
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement (2)
Smith Falls SP
  • Additional campground design concept
  • Deck replacement
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Shower house replacement
  • Removed and replaced roof on the office and shop
  • ADA-compliant boardwalk replacement
Stagecoach SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement
Summit Lake SRA
  • Boat dock replacement
  • Campground expansion to include 13 updated camping pads and other improvements
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine and ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • ADA-compliant fishing pier
Sutherland SRA
  • Vault toilet replacement installation
  • Campground electrical upgrade
  • Fish-cleaning station upgrade
  • New precast vault latrine
  • Electrical upgrade
  • ADA-compliant new vault toilet
Swanson Reservoir SRA
  • Fish cleaning station upgrade
  • Precast latrines, two ADA-compliant
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Five electrical pedestals upgraded to 50-amp service
  • Four target archery ranges installed
Two Rivers SRA
  • Lakeside Campground electrical and ADA upgrade design concept
  • ADA-improvements to offices
  • Sewage treatment repairs and improvements
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building
  • Upgrade bathrooms, kitchens, and cupolas lodging cabooses
  • ADA-compliant updates to caboose lodging
Union Pacific SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
Valentine Fish Hatchery
  • Shop roof replacement
  • Flood damage assessment
Verdel Landing
  • Vault toilet restroom replacement
Verdon SRA
  • New vault latrines
Victoria Springs SRA
  • Cabin upgrades and ADA access
  • Concrete toilet replacements
  • New precast vault latrine
  • Electrical upgrade
Wagon Train SRA
  • ADA-compliant precast latrine
Walgren SRA
  • Installed new vault latrine
  • Replaced boat dock
  • Repaired fishing pier
  • ADA-compliant vault toilet replacement
  • Campground upgrade design concept
Wildcat Hills SRA
  • Roof repair
  • Family-friendly shooting range installed
  • Visitor’s center expanded to include conference rooms and a larger area for exhibits and educational activities.
Willow Creek SRA
  • Campground electrical upgrade design concept
  • Installed boat dock with ADA-accessible railings
  • Two ADA-compliant precast latrines
  • RV campsites electrical upgrade design concept
  • ADA-compliant fish-cleaning station design concept
Windmill SRA
  • Archery range installation
  • Shower building replaced with ADA-compliant precast shower/latrine building

Other improvements have included:
  • 403 new grills and 401 new picnic tables, including ADA grills and tables, from Cornhusker State Industries were distributed to 23 park areas statewide for campsite additions and to replace damaged items. In addition, 353 new picnic tables made from recycled tires were distributed across 35 park areas.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance, including common repairs and paint
  • Statewide ADA-compliant fish-cleaning stations upgrades

Aerial view of campground

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Crete Carrier Riverview Lodge at Mahoney State Park

Venture Parks public-private partnership

Nebraska’s metro area state parks, also know as Venture Parks, have received a number of major park project improvements in recent years, such as the Crete Carrier Lodge at E.T. Mahoney State Park and the interactive Crawdad Creek at Platte River State Park. Many of these projects are thanks to funding by the Venture Parks public-private partnership, which include generous private donations.

Project Funding Sources

These projects are funded through one or a combination of the following resources:

Park Cash Fund

Park Cash Fund, money generated from Game and Parks user fees from park entry permits, lodging, camping, activities, equipment rentals and facility rentals for improvement, maintenance and operation of the state park system.

Capital Maintenance Fund

The Capital Maintenance Fund, established by the Nebraska Legislature in 2016 to help preserve Nebraska’s public outdoor recreation facilities and parklands. 

NORDA Cash Fund

The Nebraska Outdoor Recreational Development Act Cash Fund, approved by the Nebraska Legislature in 1980, with a portion of the taxes collected funding park maintenance and improvements.

Land and Water Conservation Fund

The Land and Water Conservation Fund, established by the U.S. Congress in 1964 to safeguard natural areas, water resources and cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans.

Title 28 Funding

Title 28 funding from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

309 Task Force

The 309 Task Force for Building Renewal program through Nebraska


Nonprofit, state, or agency support or grants from:

  • Keith County Visitor’s Committee;
  • the Papio Missouri Natural Resources District;
  • the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District;
  • the University of Nebraska’s Water for Food Institute;
  • the Nebraska Water Center Foundation;
  • the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality through the Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Program;
  • aquatic habitat funds; and/or
  • legislative appropriations.

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