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Sherman Reservoir Aquatic Habitat Project

Why we did it

Sherman Reservoir, near Loup City, Nebraska, suffered from extreme shoreline erosion, varying water elevations and sediment accumulation. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission teamed up with The Flatwater Group to improve public access, prevent fish loss and ensure prime angling opportunities for the future.

How we did it

Construction began in October of 2005. The lake was divided into six restoration sites, each with a different focus based on the unique needs of each location. Renovations included adding breakwater structures and improving boat launches near ramps and creating jetties to improve shoreline access.

Designs for Sherman Reservoir renovations. Photo courtesy of The Flatwater Group.

Another focus of the project was habitat restoration. This was accomplished through selective sediment removal and using excavation fill from around the reservoir to create an island that worked with a nearby offshore breakwater to counter erosion and create prime habitat for fish spawning.

Construction finished in 2008.

Benefits from these changes

The project resulted in a lake that was both more aquatically hospitable and accessible to motorboat and shoreline anglers. Popular species at Sherman Reservoir include walleye, crappie, catfish and white bass, and northern pike can be caught in the shallow waters of the lake’s coves and bays.

Project partners

  • The Flatwater Group

The Aquatic Habitat Program

The Aquatic Habitat Program was created in 1997 and was the first program of its kind in the nation. Since then hundreds of waterbodies across the state — everything from lakes to streams to rivers to ponds — have been renovated, improving aquatic life and water quality for Nebraskans.

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