Boater Education

Boating Safety Courses teach students how to safely operate a motorized boat while following all rules and regulations. Topics covered include navigation and safe operation, Nebraska laws, and emergency preparedness. Anyone born after December 31, 1985 is required to successfully complete a Boating Safety Course and possess a course certificate while operating a boat or personal watercraft.

Non-residents who have successfully completed a NASBLA approved boating safety course recognized by another state are allowed to operate a motorboat in Nebraska.

You must be at least 14 years of age to operate a motorboat or personal watercraft in Nebraska.

Course options

Classes are offered throughout the state of Nebraska in two different formats:

  • Option A is a 6-hour in-person classroom session taught by certified volunteers and agency staff. Students will take a proctored exam and the end of the class.
  • Option B is a self-taught home study course. Students can download and review the course study materials. After studying, students will need to register for an Option B test-out session to take a proctored exam.
  • Option C (NEW!) is an online course. Students can take the class at their own pace from wherever is convenient for them. The cost of the course is $29.95.

All students, regardless of which course option they choose, are required to pass the boating safety exam with a 75% or higher. A certificate of completion will be issued to those who pass the exam.

Course registration

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Visit our Boater Education calendar for a listing of current Option A class or Option B test-out session dates and locations. Click on the title of a specific listing to find the instructor’s contact information. Email or call the instructor to reserve your spot.

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