Trout in the Classroom

Trout in the Classroom is a curriculum program that provides students the opportunity to learn about aquatic resources within a framework of hatching and raising rainbow trout. Participating classrooms are provided a coldwater aquarium system and rainbow trout eggs. Students monitor growth as their trout hatch and develop, and they take ownership of caring for the trout by feeding, testing water quality and cleaning the aquarium.

Throughout the program, students participate in activities that cover topics like aquatic habitat, water quality, ecosystem interactions, food webs, life cycles and Nebraska fish species. Students learn first-hand how all aspects of a trout’s life cycle, food web and habitat are interconnected and impacted by the environment. The program culminates in an end of the year field trip to Schramm Park and Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium to release the trout fingerlings.

Curriculum is designed to align with 4th and 5th grade Nebraska State Academic Standards, but is suitable for other ages. Current participants range from second grade classes to high school.

For more information, contact Lindsey Chizinski by email or by phone at 402-471-5591. You can also visit the Trout in the Classroom blog.


Trout in the Classroom is made possible through funding from: