Big Game Check-In (Telecheck)

The Nebraska Telecheck Program allows hunters to check deer or antelope by telephone or online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access Telecheck online

When to use Telecheck

All deer harvested outside the November firearm season must be checked via Telecheck. Manual check stations will only be available for the November firearm season. Antelope archers, muzzleloaders and lateseason hunters must use Telecheck. Elk must be delivered to a check station before leaving the state and within 48 hours of kill, but no later than 1 p.m. of the day following the close of any portion of the season.

When to use check stations

Deer harvested during the November firearm deer season and Antelope harvested during the October firearm season must be taken to a check station. Names and locations of manual check stations are listed on our interactive check station map and on pages 3 & 4 of the summary deer regulations.

View check station map
View summary of 2020 deer regulations and check station list
View 2020 Elk Regulations & Check Stations
View 2020 Antelope Regulations & Check Stations

Information required

Antelope and deer must be checked before leaving Nebraska. Information required to successfully check antelope and deer follows:

  • Species
  • Permit number
  • County of kill
  • Public area name (if killed on public land)
  • Management unit
  • Date of kill
  • Days hunted
  • Weapon type
  • Sex (male or female)
  • Age (adult or fawn)

Hunters must also record antler or horn measurements:

  • Deer: More or less than 11 inches (measure between main beams)
  • Antelope: More or less than 9.5 inches (measure from base around the outside curve to tip)

Management area maps are available on the hunting seasons and application dates page.

Access Telecheck

Call (844) 279-4564 or visit the link below, available 24/7.

Access Telecheck online