Public Access Atlas

The Public Access Atlas identifies and consolidates Nebraska’s public access resources for the benefit of hunters, trappers and anglers. It displays over 1.2 million acres of publicly accessible lands across Nebraska including state, federal, and conservation partner lands as well as privately-owned lands enrolled in the Open Fields and Waters (OFW) program. By working cooperatively, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and its partners aim to increase hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities in Nebraska.

Printed copies of the Public Access Atlas are available at Game and Parks offices and wherever hunting, fur harvest and fishing permits are sold. The printed atlas is published and distributed to vendors in late August each year. The public can also request a free copy of the atlas or other materials be mailed directly to their home address. However, for the most accurate, up-to-date information, we recommend you view the atlas online. Please note that for a variety of reasons, the Public Access Atlas can change anytime. Those changes might not be reflected here immediately, though we work hard to make updates as soon as possible.

Interactive atlas map

Access an interactive GIS map of the Public Access Atlas:


Open GIS map

The Interactive Atlas Map provides users the opportunity to scout out areas before hunting them by using aerial imagery. Zoom in on sites and click the “layers” tab to adjust the transparency and examine terrain. Click or tap on individual sites for pertinent regulations as well as links to more information. Click the “search” tab and select a species to view big game and waterfowl units/zones. Contact our maps team with technical questions.

Digital flipbook atlas

View a digital version of the printed Public Access Atlas. Unlike the printed book, map sheets are updated in this flipbook as changes occur.

Google Earth

View Public Access Atlas sites within Google Earth by using our KMZ files. Start by downloading Google Earth and our KMZ files below. Then import the KMZ files into Google Earth to view sites. Users can get driving directions to specific sites, import GPS data, set placemarkers on properties and more.

Download Google Earth
Download Public Access Atlas KMZ files
Visit Google Earth help center

Stubble Access Guide

The Stubble Access Guide is published in early fall and displays additional tall wheat and milo stubble fields (and associated unfarmable pockets) open to walk-in hunting across portions of western Nebraska through the OFW program. Given the timing of harvest, tall stubble fields typically are enrolled after the printing of the Public Access Atlas. Pick up a Stubble Access Guide to find these sites illustrated in light purple (other publicly accessible lands still shown), or request a copy be mailed to you. Stubble sites will also appear on all online versions of the Public Access Atlas after Oct. 1. The Stubble Access guide is only valid through Jan. 31. Tall, undisturbed stubble has been shown to provide multiple benefits to pheasants, quail and other wildlife from the end of summer through winter, and these areas are often underutilized by hunters.

Downloadable single map sheets

Select a region and download the corresponding map sheet from the list below: