Nebraska Migratory Bird Month

International Migratory Bird Day is typically celebrated on the second Saturday in May. In Nebraska, however, it was decided that one day was not enough. It was decided that Nebraska would coordinate an entire month of bird-related workshops, festivals and events. Nebraska’s conservation and nature organizations across the state host events all aimed at teaching about birds and the role they play in our economy and ecosystems.

2020 Update

In an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect the health of the public, the Nebraska Bird Month team has canceled promotion of Nebraska Bird Month events. But, Bird Month is not canceled… it is just moving online!

2020 Challenge

We challenge you to get outside. We challenge you to explore and discover the birds in your area. We challenge you to become a citizen scientist by recording what birds you see. And, we challenge you to become part of a national network of citizen scientists providing real data to real scientists.

For more information or to find a birding event near you, visit the Nebraska Bird Month website.