The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission acknowledges that wildlife species periodically cause damage to agricultural crops, stored crops, fences, tree farms, and other property and may present a threat to human health and safety. This damage largely occurs due to the use of wildlife habitat by humans for economic purposes such as agricultural production. Wildlife damage cannot always be prevented but certain management practices, instituted by the landowner, may reduce or eliminate some damage problems. The Commission has a legal mandate to respond to complaints and take actions necessary to minimize damage when possible.

In all cases, it must be emphasized that the wildlife resource is held in trust for the citizens of Nebraska for all of its citizens to utilize for recreation and education. This wildlife resource does not belong to the Game and Parks Commission, but to all Nebraskans.


The Commission utilizes a variety of tools in response to depredation including technical advice, abatement materials and supplies (scare devices, exclusion materials), and/or damage control permits.

Damage Control Permits

Damage control permits (DCP) are utilized in instances when normal hunting does not provide enough relief from damage, typically due to timing or access issues. These permits must be requested from a landowner and damage must be inspected. DCPs are issued to a single landowner and additional shooters may be identified and listed on the permit in coordination and review with the Commission. Total animals allowed under a permit are typically are incremental in number with additional permits added as they are filled. Meat from killed animals must be offered for human consumption and when males are allowed on permits, the antlers must be turned in to the Commission and cannot be retained by the permit holder. Contact the Commission via the form at he bottom of this page or call or visit your district office for more information about DCPs.

Antlerless Hunter Database

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Antlerless Hunter Database connects hunters who wish to harvest antlerless deer with landowners who are experiencing damage issues from deer on their property. Hunters who wish to be considered for this program may sign up on the program page, and landowners may view a list of hunters interested in harvesting antlerless deer.
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Contact a biologist

Game and Parks biologists can help landowners identify options for addressing wildlife-related damage. To speak to a biologist, contact your district office during regular business hours or complete the form below.

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