Nebraska’s Trout Slam

Nebraska truly is a state where east meets west and north meets south. Our state has a great diversity of geography, climate, habitats, wildlife and fish. As a result, Nebraska anglers are blessed with opportunities to fish for a variety of warm-water, cool-water and cold-water fish including several species of trout.

Although trout may not be native to Nebraska, they can be found in stocked waters across the state during the fall, winter, and spring. Furthermore, Nebraska contains cold-water habitats mostly in northern and western regions of the state that will support trout year-round.

Adventurous anglers can prospect those cold-water rivers, streams, and lakes, many in the most picturesque parts of Nebraska, in pursuit of brook, brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout.

To encourage exploration of Nebraska’s cold-water fisheries and recognize achievement, anglers can now pursue a Nebraska Trout Slam.

How to enter

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To achieve a Trout Slam, anglers must catch, photograph, release if wished and submit a photo of the four trout species found in Nebraska — brook, brown, rainbow and cutthroat.

Each time you catch a fish on your way to a Trout Slam, let us know by filling out the form at the link above, and be sure to attach a photo of your catch, too. When you have caught your last fish, check “yes” next to the box indicating that you have completed your slam. Those who complete the slam will receive a certificate and pin.

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Resources for finding trout in Nebraska

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