The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission hosts a number of workshops throughout the year. Many of these workshops are designed to introduce inexperienced participants to hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation activities. Browse below to find some of our featured workshops. For a complete listing of events visit our outdoor calendar.

Learn to Hunt – workshops

These free workshops will help unravel the mystery, excitement and challenge of the various fall hunting opportunities. Receive instruction from experienced hunters and Nebraska Game and Parks staff. These events are designed for individuals with limited experience and ideal for those wanting to expand into this addicting pursuit. Topics will include strategies, equipment, biology and ways to increase a hunter’s confidence and success.

Workshop dates and locations

  • Introduction to Trapping
    Jan. 18, 2017; Lincoln; Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center; 6 – 9 p.m.
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    Rim Fire Steel Plate Fun Shoot

    RimFireSteelPlateFunShoot_03042016This event is designed to be an easy, fun, and safe experience for shooters of all ages and experience levels. Instruction will be provided by certified NRA Range Safety Officers and all equipment is provided (.22 Rimfire M&P Sporter rifles, ammunition, eye and ear protection).

    The entire family is invited to take part in this fun competition! A typical shooting stage is set up with 5 to 6 steel plates at distances of 20 feet to 30 yards. Participants will shoot one shot on each plate and the time will stop when the last plate is hit. This string of fire will be shot 5 times by each competitor, with the slowest time thrown out.

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    Rimfire Sporter Clinic Introduction to Civilian Marksmenship Program (CMP)

    During this program participates will learn safe rifle handling and range procedures:

    • Sight picture and sight alignment
    • Rules of competitive shooting
    • Proper sling use
    • Natural Point of Aim
    • Prone, sitting and standing shooting positions

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