Environmental Review

The Nebraska Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act is designed to conserve species of wildlife for human enjoyment and to ensure they continue to be viable components of their ecosystems. Therefore, state agencies must ensure actions they authorize, fund or carry out do not jeopardize the continued existence of endangered and threatened species or result in the destruction or modification of critical habitat. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission carries out threatened and endangered species reviews.

When is a review required?

Any project that requires a state-issued permit, uses state funds or is conducted by a state agency requires an environmental review for impacts on endangered and threatened species.

How do I request an environmental review?

In order to obtain an environmental review, please visit our new Conservation and Environmental Review Tool (CERT).
You can also request an environmental review by submitting a letter or email requesting a review, along with the following information to the Environmental Review – Planning & Programming Division, , Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, 2200 N. 33rd St., Lincoln, NE 68503.

  • Description of the whole and complete project, including the timing of the project, area (acres) to be disturbed and current land use of the project area.
  • Explanation of the type of state and/or federal permits required for the project and funding source.
  • Project location and county (including section, township, range OR latitude, longitude coordinates).
  • Aerial photo delineating the project area, including any off-site areas that will be used for things such as borrow sites, waste sites, access/haul roads, etc.
  • Contact information (name, mailing address, email address, and phone number) of the person submitting the request for review.

How long does the review process take?

Submitting a project through our new Conservation and Environmental Review Tool (CERT) can process a project in as little as 15 minutes.  The environmental review process submitted through our office typically takes an average of 30 days; however, during peak planning and construction seasons, the process make take longer. Please plan accordingly and allow sufficient time for the review to be conducted. Projects are reviewed in the order they are received and will NOT be expedited.

Wind & Solar Energy

The following wind and solar energy guidance documents are available for download.

Nebraska Solar Development Guidance
Avian Assessment Guidance for Wind Energy Facilities
Guidelines for Avoiding, Minimizing, and Mitigating Impacts of Wind Energy on Biodiversity in Nebraska
Bat Assessment Guidance for Wind Energy Facilities in Nebraska

Checklists and Standard Procedures

The following endangered and threatened species checklists and standard procedures are available for download.
NPDES Construction Storm Water Endangered and Threatened Species Checklist
NPDES Industrial Storm Water Endangered and Threatened Species Checklist
NPDES Pesticide Permit Endangered and Threatened Species Standard Procedures

For more information

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For information on Endangered and Threatened Species proposed for listing, visit the Endangered and Threatened Species Listing Action page.

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For more information on the environmental review process, contact Jessica Tapp at or 402-471-5554 or Melissa Marinovich at or 402-471-5422.