Conservation Education

Connect with your wild side and explore our conservation education programs:

Project WILD

Project WILD provides interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education curriculum and materials that focus on wildlife. Project WILD programs and materials assist learners of all ages to develop the awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment to act responsibly in matters concerning wildlife. Nebraska’s Project WILD Program offers educator workshop including: Project WILD, Aquatic WILD, Growing Up WILD and Flying WILD. Additionally, we offer many advanced workshops focusing on specific topics such as bats, pollinators, insects and birds. Workshops are free and provide educators with curriculum guides and resources.
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Outdoor classrooms

Outdoor classrooms offer students a more active learning environment and also help students integrate their learning through several subjects and facilitate critical thinking skills. Outdoor classrooms can be as simple as a grove of trees intermixed with musical instruments and natural building blocks. Or they can be very intricate with dedicated learning areas – a music and dance area, sand or digging area, water area, fort building area and more.
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Trail Tales

Trail Tales magazine is produced by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Each colorful, 16-page issues, feature puzzles, games, drawings, photos and interesting articles about nature, Nebraska and the outdoors. Trail Tales is appropriate for kids around age 10 and older.
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Master Naturalist

Get up close and personal with Nebraska’s natural resources! Participants in the Nebraska Master Naturalist Program engage in nearly 60 hours of in-depth training about Nebraska’s ecosystems, plants and animals, conservation biology and more. Explore Nebraska alongside scientists, faculty, and natural resource professionals. Contribute your time and expertise through exciting volunteer opportunities in habitat conservation, environmental education, community science, and more. Most importantly, connect with Nebraskans who share your passion for nature.
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Project BEAK

Project Beak is an interactive, web-based curriculum that contains scientifically accurate information about avian conservation, avian form, function and other adaptations that help birds survive, Nebraska’s unique avian biodiversity, Nebraska’s threatened and endangered birds, plus video clips, interactive games, quizzes and diagrams, additional resources and links, and classroom lesson plans.
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Nebraska rare species

Nebraska is home to 95 different species of mammals, 452 species of birds, 60 reptiles & amphibians species, 109 species of fish, 1,470 plant species, and over 10,000 species of insects. We have an amazing biodiversity. The term “biodiversity” means “variety of life” – and Nebraska definitely has that! Unfortunately, 27 of these species have been listed as threatened or endangered.
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