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Nebraska Game and Parks is a family of passionate, innovative professionals who work together to connect people to the natural world and support conservation in Nebraska. We number near 1,500 during peak summer months in order to manage our 78 parklands and trails for outdoor enthusiasts, while also focusing our efforts on conservation that supports wildlife, fish and plant diversity and health. The job we face is complex: The needs and interests in every ecosystem are diverse and many — among wildlife, plants, people and places, but we take seriously our role in striking a balance that benefits the most.

Our mission

The mission of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is stewardship of the state’s fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources.

We were tasked with this mission when the Nebraska State Legislature created the precursors to our organization in 1879, first with the Nebraska Fish Commission, which was followed by the Nebraska Game and Fish Commission in 1901. Management of our state parks later would be added to the mix.

Our values

These core values direct how we meet our mission and our vision for the future:


We believe in operating openly and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


We believe that work done honestly and transparently reflects our mission’s intent.


We believe that we must be responsible to the citizens of Nebraska and the natural resources we protect and conserve.


We believe in approaching our work with compassion for the resources and the public we serve.


We believe in maintaining a balance between the needs of the natural resources and the needs of the people we serve.

Our plan for the future

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s strategic plan, Focus on the Future, details long-term plans for ensuring the future of Nebraska’s wildlife and wild places.

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Focus on the Future plan

Our commitment to diversity

Just as diversity is critical to the resiliency and strength of our native ecosystems, we know diversity is critical to our mission and success. We are committed to fostering a diverse workforce and creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for our staff and constituents. Our actions and our programs will reflect this culture of belonging and equity for Nebraska’s communities and visitors.

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How we are funded

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is funded primarily by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, as well as through the sale of park permits and goods and services at state parks and recreation areas.

Office locations

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s East Campus. (Find us on Google map.) To serve a statewide constituency, we have offices across the state. Hunting, fishing and state park permits can be purchased at any of these locations. During November firearm season, these offices also serve as deer check stations.

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