Otter trapping

2022-2023 otter season status: OPEN

Jan. 3, 2023 update: 38 river otters harvested

2022 season information

The Nebraska otter season is Nov. 1, 2022, to Feb. 28, 2023, or three days after the 125th otter has been harvested in the state, whichever comes first.

Otter may be trapped only. The season bag limit is one. Harvest is allowed statewide. See season dates above.

Any harvested river otter must be reported to Game and Parks within 24 hours of harvest by calling:

  • Your nearest Commission office; find a location here.
  • Your local conservation officer; find your officer here.
  • If you are unable to reach an office or conservation officer, call (855) 881-8905 to leave a message with your name and number. 

Harvested otters must be officially tagged by Game and Parks within two business days after harvest, with the permittee furnishing the date and location of harvest before attaching the harvest seal.

Each day, before setting traps for river otters, permittees must confirm the harvest limit has not been met and the season is open by calling (855) 881-8905. This page will be updated when the season is closed.

Any incidental take of a river otter outside of the harvest season, or beyond daily or season bag limits, shall be unlawful unless the animal is immediately released, if viable, or the harvester reports the take within 24 hours and turns the carcass over to Game and Parks.

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About otter trapping

Nebraska’s first harvest season for river otters follows the guidance of the Commission’s River Otter Management Plan. The harvest will allow the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to learn more about river otter distribution, while still allowing the population to expand.

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