Trip Planners

Let us help you plan your next Nebraska hunt. If you’re interested in hunting prairie grouse, quail, pheasant, mule deer, or turkey, the trip planners below highlight areas with great opportunity and access. They also suggest lodging options, highlight public land opportunities, and recommend mixed-bag opportunities for hunters who want to get the most out of each trip. Each trip planner also lists season dates, necessary permits and other useful information. Whether you’re visiting Nebraska for the first time or looking to venture outside of your normal hunting routine, our trip planners will help make planning your next hunt easy.

Turkey (Pine Ridge)

Turkeys may be found in any county in Nebraska; this trip planner highlights the Pine Ridge region of the state, where you will find some of the highest concentrations of turkeys (including Merriam’s), as well as an abundance of public hunting lands.

Download 2022 Pine Ridge turkey trip planner

Turkey (Southwest)

Turkeys can be found in every county in Nebraska; however, this map shows an area where hunters are likely to see a high concentration of turkeys and public hunting through Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and Open Fields and Waters program (OFW) in Southwest Nebraska.

Download 2022 Southwest turkey trip planner

Turkey (North Central)

Turkeys can be found in every county in Nebraska; however, this trip planner is focusing on the north-central section of the state where hunters are likely to see a high concentration of turkeys due to primary habitat and good public access opportunities.

Download 2022 North Central turkey trip planner

Mule Deer

Archery season offers the most opportunities for nonresident mule deer hunters. Archery permits are over-the-counter, unlimited and offer access to some of our best mule deer hunting areas. Firearm permits are available over-the-counter in some units, with the best success tending to be on private lands. Muzzleloader permits are over-the-counter, unlimited and harvest is good on public and private lands in several units.

Download 2022 mule deer trip planner

Prairie Grouse

Prairie grouse can be found in many parts of Nebraska. The Sandhills are an endless expanse of native prairie habitat that represents a stronghold for populations of both greater prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse. This, combined with thousands of acres of publicly accessible lands, has placed the Sandhills on bucket lists of upland hunters throughout the country.

Download 2022 grouse trip planner


The primary bobwhite quail range includes most of Southeast Nebraska and west along the southern border with Kansas. Huntable numbers, however, can be found across many areas of the state. This trip planner features Southeast Nebraska, where hunters can find good quail numbers and abundant access.

Download 2022 quail trip planner


Pheasants have a statewide distribution but certain areas of the state offer more suitable habitat and thus support higher pheasant densities. In addition, some areas have more public access options than others. The southern Panhandle and southwest part of Nebraska support good bird numbers and abundant public access – the perfect combination for your next DIY hunt.

Download 2022 pheasant trip planner

Mixed Bag

Nebraska is the mixed-bag capital of the Great Plains with a diverse landscape rich with mixed-bag opportunities for ring-necked pheasant, bobwhite quail, sharp-tailed grouse and greater prairie-chicken. Nearly one million acres of publicly accessible land and online resources to plan your next hunt.

Download 2022 mixed bag trip planner