Severe weather closures

The Nebraska Game & Parks Commission appreciates your patience as we work to recover from this historic weather event that has impacted parks in many regions of the state.

Individuals with advance reservations at areas impacted will be notified if the status of their reservation is affected as soon as we are able to complete assessments of the parks and services.

As of March 18, 2019 we are only beginning to gain access to impacted parks. Please check this page for updates on the status of park areas.

Park areas unaffected by flooding

The following park areas are unaffected by recent flooding and are open the public with normal spring season hours and services:

  • Alexandria SRA
  • Ash Hollow SHP
  • Ashfall SHP
  • Bluestem SRA
  • Bowring Ranch SHP
  • Box Butte SRA
  • Branched Oak SRA
  • Bridgeport SRA
  • Buffalo Bill SHP
  • Buffalo Bill SRA
  • Calamus SRA
  • Chadron SP
  • Cheyenne SRA
  • Conestoga SRA
  • Cottonwood Lake SRA
  • Danish Alps SRA
  • Enders SRA
  • Eugene T. Mahoney SP
  • Fort Atkinson SHP
  • Fort Hartsuff SHP

  • Fort Kearny SHP
  • Fort Kearny SRA
  • Fort Robinson SP
  • Gallagher Canyon SRA
  • Johnson Lake SRA
  • Keller Park SRA
  • Lake Maloney SRA
  • Lake Mcconaughy SRA
  • Lewis & Clark SRA
  • Memphis SRA
  • Lake Minatare SRA
  • Lake Ogallala SRA
  • Long Lake SRA
  • Long Pine SRA
  • Medicine Creek SRA
  • Merritt SRA
  • Mormon Island SRA
  • Olive Creek SRA
  • Pawnee SRA
  • Platte River SP
  • Red Willow SRA

  • Rock Creek Lake SRA
  • Rock Creek Station SHP
  • Rock Creek Station SRA
  • Rockford Lake SRA
  • Sandy Channel SRA
  • Sherman SRA
  • Smith Falls SP
  • Summit SRA
  • Sutherland SRA
  • Swanson SRA
  • Union Pacific SRA
  • Verdon Lake SRA
  • Victoria Springs SRA
  • Wagon Train SRA
  • Walgren Lake SRA
  • War Axe SRA
  • Wildcat Hills Nature Center
  • Wildcat Hills Shooting Range
  • Wildcat Hills SRA
  • Windmill SRA

Partially closed park areas

The following park areas remain partially open, but specific campgrounds or other areas are closed due to flooding. Please call 402-471-0641 for further details.

  • Ponca SP
  • Willow Creek SRA

Park areas open but accessible by alternate route

The following parks are open to the public, but are accessible by an alternate route. Please call 402-471-0641 for details.

  • Indian Cave SP
  • Stagecoach SRA

Park areas closed until further notice

The following park areas are closed until further notice.

  • Dead Timber SRA
  • Fremont SRA
  • Lied Bridge
  • Louisville SRA

  • Niobrara SP
  • North Loup SRA
  • Pelican Point SRA
  • Riverview Marina SRA

  • Schramm Park SRA
  • Two Rivers SRA

Closed or partially closed Wildlife Management Areas

The following areas have accessibility issues as a result of recent flooding. This may mean portions of the area are underwater or the roadways leading to the area are impassible. Those who wish to visit any of the below WMAs should use good judgement, check ahead or call the local district office for more details on areas within specific districts.

Northwest District WMAs closed/partially closed as of 4/4/19

  • Whitney Lake
  • Fort Rob WMA
  • Ponderosa WMA
  • Schlagel Creek WMA
  • Smith Lake WMA

Northeast District WMAs closed/partially closed as of 4/4/19

  • All Loup River WMAs east of Fullerton
  • Whitetail WMA
  • Wood Duck and Black Island WMA
  • Verdel Landing and Niobrara Confluence WMA
  • Parshall Bridge and Hull Lake WMAs
  • Spencer Dam WMA
  • Goose Lake WMA

Southeast District WMAs closed as of 4/4/19

  • Randall W. Schilling WMA
  • Gifford WMA
  • Hamburg Bend closed WMA
  • Peru Bottoms WMA
  • Langdon Bend WMA
  • Aspinwall WMA
  • Tobacco Island WMA
  • Kansas Bend WMA
  • Tobacco Island WMA

Southwest District WMAs closed as of 4/4/19

  • Sac-Wilcox WMA
  • Marsh Wren WMA