Special Occasion Permit

Special events, sports events, entertainments and the like, characterized as public spectator attractions or participant activities, are allowed at state parks, provided written permission therefor has been given by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

An application for a Special Occasion Permit Application must be completed at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

Such permits shall be issued only after a finding that the issuance of such permit will not be inconsistent with the purposes for which the area is established and maintained and will not unreasonably interfere with use of the area by the general public.

Commercial photography and videography also requires completion of the Special Occasion Production Amendment. 

Commercial production includes activities that include models, sets and props for the purpose of promoting goods, services or brands. Nature photography, family, wedding and senior photography, and recreational photography are not subject to these terms and do not need to request special occasion permits.

Download the Special Occasion Permit Application

Download the Special Occasion Video Production Amendment