State Reptile Voting

Like other states, Nebraska has state symbols. Like the state bird – Western Meadowlark. Or the state mammal, the white-tailed deer. We even have a state fish, the Channel Catfish.

What about a state reptile? Have you ever even heard of one? You probably haven’t… because Nebraska does not have one. It’s up to you to change that!

Nebraska has 29 different species of native snakes each with unique characteristics and amazing adaptations. We have 9 species of native turtles living in small ponds, large rivers and even dry prairies. And, we have 10 different species of native lizards including skinks and racerunners. Every one of Nebraska’s native reptiles is an amazing creature, but if you had to choose just one to be the state reptile, which one would you choose? We want you to help us choose!

Below is a list of six of Nebraska’s reptile species. Join Nebraskans across the state in voting for a reptile to represent our state. Vote for your favorite today!

Once voting ends, The Nebraska Game & Parks Commission will work with the Nebraska State Legislature to seek to declare the winning reptile as our state reptile.

Voting for the Nebraska State Reptile has now closed. A total of 13,608 votes were cast. The winning reptile was the ornate box turtle with 5,109 votes, followed by the common snapping turtle with 2,597 votes; the bullsnake with 2,186 votes; the western hognose with 1,429 votes; the six-lined racerunner with 1,333 votes; and the prairie lizard with 946 votes. Thanks to everyone who participated!