Nebraska Outdoor U!

Nebraska Outdoor U! (NOU!) will take you into the field to experience outdoor recreation at its best. Join the community of outdoors men and women who are awarded points, badges, and free gifts simply by enjoying the outdoors. Become a better camp cook, archer, angler, hunter, or any other outdoor area of expertise through the NOU! community.
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Select a pathway and complete fun challenges:

Cook over a campfire, discover what essentials you need on every camping trip and spend time in the great outdoors.
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Experience all types of fishing across Nebraska. Discover what it takes to fish with flies, in a river, or even through the ice.
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Learn about the different kinds of game in Nebraska, how to hunt, and take care your game after harvest.
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Shooting sports
Learn about shotguns, rifles, archery, muzzleloaders, and handguns. Most importantly get to the range and shoot!
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Earn achievements and prizes

Compete with your friends on earning badges, points, hats, t-shirts and other free NOU! gear by completing all 6 levels in a pathway!

Set your own goals

Challenge yourself and friends to complete Goals. Earn badges, points, and recognition. At NOU! points are the currency of the system. Grow wealthy with points as well as experience by completing pathway objectives, goals, and other outdoor related experiences.


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