Meeting educational standards

All too often, schools spend precious time and dollars creating and installing outdoor classrooms just to have teachers apprehensive about actually using the outdoor classroom. The fact is that using an outdoor classroom to meet state education standards is a new concept for most teachers. The thought of developing an entirely new curriculum to engage children in nature and the outdoors while still teaching the same topics is daunting.

The Nebraska Project WILD program has developed a series of activities to help teachers make this transition, which are compiled in the downloadable guide, Using Nature to Meet Educational Standards. In this guide educators will find at least one science, math, social studies and language arts activity for each grade from pre-K through fifth.
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Please feel free to download the guide and share with teachers at your school, parents, daycare providers or anyone dedicated to helping our children learn better by learning outside.

To learn more about effectively using an outdoor classroom, check-out the Using an Outdoor Classroom Effectively PowerPoint.
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