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Mountain Lion Hunting

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Download an application: Prairie Unit | Pine Ridge (N/A)

Mountain lions have recently recolonized the Pine Ridge and Niobrara River Valley and may be recolonizing other areas of suitable habitat such as the Wildcat Hills. Dispersing mountain lions have been documented throughout the state including agricultural areas where suitable habitat may be limited. In order to provide hunting opportunities for this species the Commission has approved Nebraska’s inaugural mountain lion harvest season for 2014.

Mountain lion Hunting Season Recommendations

Status of Mountain Lion Seasons

Prairie Unit: Permits for the prairie unit will be available from 1:00 p.m. CST on December 16, 2013, through December 31, 2014. There is no limit to the number of permits that will be sold for this unit.

It is unlawful to hunt mountain lions in a unit with a limited harvest quota (Pine Ridge Unit) without first confirming that the season is open each day by checking the toll-free phone number provided on the hunting permit or by checking this web page (www.nebraskamountainlions.org)

Hunting seasons for mountain lions in Nebraska will begin on Jan 1, 2014 in the Pine Ridge and Prairie Units.

Season Status - Pine Ridge Unit:

Season 2 - The Pine Ridge unit season 2 quota has been met, and the season is now closed.

Season Status - Prairie Unit:

Season Open - Prairie Unit season dates are Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2014

Reporting a Mountain Lion Kill

Any mountain lion harvested must be reported to Game and Parks within eight hours of recovery of the animal using the toll-free phone number provided on the hunting permit or in person at a district office during normal business hours (weekdays 8am-5pm).

The entire unfrozen carcass of any harvested mountain lion must be presented to a Game and Parks representative within 24 hours of the time of kill for inspection and attachment of an official harvest seal, unless Game and Parks has been notified and arrangements are made for a later check.

2014 Permit Information

Only one mountain lion permit may be obtained in a given year. Successful applicants may not apply for a permit in another unit in the same year. The application fee for unsuccessful applicants will not be applied to other units.

Pine Ridge
All applications for the Pine Ridge Unit are drawn for season and 1 and 2. The first person drawn by lottery will be will be issued a permit to harvest a mountain lion during season 1 or season 2. The following 100 persons drawn will be issued permits for season 2.

– Season 1: two permits, one auction and one lottery
– Season 2: 100 permits by lottery

Prairie UnitUnlimited permits (resident only)

Season Summary

Hunting Season Dates by Unit

Click on map to enlarge.

Pine Ridge Unit

Season 1 ─ Jan. 1 - Feb. 14
The season shall immediately close if either the annual harvest quota or female sub-quota is reached before Feb. 14.

Season 2 ─ Feb. 15 - March 31
The season shall immediately close if either the annual harvest quota or female sub-quota is reached before March 31.

Prairie Unit

Keya Paha Unit

Upper Platte Unit

Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 Closed in 2014 Closed in 2014

2014 Harvest Quotas

Pine Ridge

Season 1:
Two lions, with sub-quota of one female

Season 2: Two lions, with sub-quota of one female

Prairie Unit

Keya Paha Unit

Upper Platte Unit

Unlimited This unit is closed to harvest This unit is closed to harvest

Bag Limit

One mountain lion of either sex. It is unlawful to harvest any mountain lion with a spotted coat (kitten) or any mountain lion accompanying another mountain lion.

Application Fee - $15



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