Where to find trout

Trout require the right habitat to live and reproduce. Trout streams must have clean, cold water, vegetated banks and a tree canopy to maintain cool water temperatures on sunny summer days. Some Sandhills trout streams lack tree cover but are fed by numerous coldwater springs and streams, which help maintain acceptable temperatures.

Several Nebraska streams have naturally reproducing brown trout populations, and brook trout maintain their numbers through natural reproduction in some Pine Ridge streams. However, most of Nebraska’s trout are stocked.

The interactive map below shows all lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water where trout are available across Nebraska.

Other resources for anglers

The Game and Parks guide Trout Fishing in Nebraska Streams provides information on where to find brown, brook and rainbow trout.
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The stocking database allows anglers to find out when and where various species were stocked in Nebraska lakes and streams.
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Other resources, including the fishing guide, fishing reports and Daryl Bauer’s fishing blog are available on the angler resource page.
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