Nebraska BioBlitz

A woman holds a small mammal in a box during a Bioblitz event at Chadron State Park, Nebraska.

During a Bioblitz at Chadron State Park in Dawes County, participants conducted a small mammal survey. Justin Haag/ NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

A bioblitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many different types of plants and wildlife as possible in a specific area over a specific period. Most bioblitz events contain a public component so anyone interested can join experts and scientists in the field. Participating in these hands-on events is a fun and exciting way for people to learn about Nebraska nature and better understand how to protect it.

While these events are fun and educational, they are also important – over the years, participants have identified many species rare to the parks where they were conducting their events. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission hosts several annual bioblitz events across the state.

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Bioblitz Education Trunks

Nebraska Game and Parks also offers Schoolyard Bioblitz Education Trunks for check out. These trunks have all the information and materials for local schools, nature centers and other groups to host their own mini bioblitz.

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For further information or questions about Bioblitz events, please email the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Community Science Specialist Alie Mayes.